Your core may be strong but is it stable?

So many clients that come to me with inexplicable aches or pains, whether they are back pain, tension headaches or even plantar fasciitis, have one thing in common, an unstable core. Even those clients that regularly train and exercise, may have unstable cores, strong but unstable. 

So what is the difference, why does it matter and how can it cause pain? 

So firstly, the core is not just made up of the tummy, but actually refers to the trunk of the body. Core muscles include those that stabilise the back, hips and shoulders. 

Core strength relates to the ability to produce force throughout a given movement, like a sit up.

Core stability refers to the ability to resist unwanted spine movement during physical activity. 

Core strength is of course important, without it you might struggle to move your body with power and effectiveness, but stability is as important. The more stable your spine, the better your movement and your posture and a reduced likelihood of pain caused by muscular imbalances. 

Core stability helps take pressure off the spine and provides a more stable base for your joints overall. 

It is easy to neglect core stability training and just focus on strength. Core stability is achieved through smaller, deep muscles, muscles that are not easy to train. But if these muscles are neglected and consequently work ineffectively then our target muscles will compensate which will lead to overuse, muscular imbalance and over time will possibly result in pain and a higher risk of injury. 

So core stability is essential. 

With that in mind, we have decided to run a series of online mobility classes that will be focused on improving core stability and strength as well as mobility, flexibility and functional movement. 

These low impact and bodyweight classes will be ideal for those suffering with muscular aches and pains from back pain to tension headaches and even those with lower limb issues like knee pain or sciatica will benefit from these classes.  The simplicity of the movements mean that the classes will be accessible for most clients regardless of age or fitness levels.

The classes will also act as perfect supplement for those receiving soft tissue therapy for aches or injuries, especially if you struggle to motivate yourself to carry out the exercises recommended by your therapist. 

Even if you are not suffering with a specific issue, the classes will still help with tightness and muscle stiffness that may be experienced if you are sitting at a desk for too long and not as active you feel you should be . 

The classes will run as a series of 6 with each class building on the previous one, so ideally you would book the series of 6, however it is possible to book one class at a time and see how you get on. The classes start on 6th January at 7pm and will cost £8 per class or £40 for a block booking of the 6 classes. Numbers will be limited so please do not delay. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your suitability for the classes, otherwise feel free to book using our online facility. 

We hope to see you online soon.