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Nikki Carrol Therapist - Oxford Body Whisperer

Hi, I’m Nikki, your therapist. I have been a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness lecturer for several years and am completely passionate about fitness and what our bodies can do.

I have always loved working with my clients, helping them gain or maintain healthy fit lives but I began to realise that there was a huge gap in my abilities as so many of my clients were coming to me with injuries or pain caused by lifestyle factors or historic incidents.

Issues that were not considered serious enough to be treated medically (bar lots of painkillers) but issues that still caused lots of discomfort to my clients and stopped them from living completely healthy pain free lives.

In most cases, simply getting clients stronger and fitter absolutely helped but in some cases, it wasn’t just about getting stronger, it was about understanding the source of the client’s pain or dysfunction and resolving that.

I therefore decided to qualify as a Level 5 soft tissue therapist at the Oxford School Of Massage. This qualification is equivalent to a university degree and means I now have the ability to offer my clients a completely holistic 360°degree service which allows them to truly lead pain-free, healthy and active lives.

I work with clients with a range of issues from sport injuries to arthritis to tension headaches. Whether you have an injury that needs repairing, a muscular imbalance that is causing pain elsewhere or you simply need a deep tissue massage, I can help.

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