Lockdown could actually be bad for your back! Since reopening after lockdown, so many of my clients are coming to see me with new aches and pains that, in many cases, have been triggered by their new posture. Lockdown has caused many of us to adopt unfamiliar postures, whether we are now working at home on our sofas or at the kitchen table, or whether we have massively increased or reduced our activity levels. If you are suddenly noticing new aches and pains, could it be your posture?

If the image of the man crouched over his desk looks at all familiar then check out the videos at the end of the post which contain a couple of drills that will help address the slouching.

Posture is not just about looking good, it also impacts your health. Poor posture can cause a number of issues ranging from back ache to headaches, tingling in your arms to jaw pain! It can affect your circulation which can lead to shortness of breath and also your digestion. Your posture is important so if it is an issue you need to address it before it causes issues, and it will do over time, trust me ..

In order to help, we’ve produced a set of 20 FREE and downloadable leaflets covering various aspects of posture and health including how to determine your own posture, and what exercises and stretches you can carry out to improve your posture and also what you can do, as a parent to ensure that your child does not suffer with poor posture.

Click on this link to access the information https://bit.ly/2VSgz5j