We currently are closed in line with the social distancing policy, but we are still getting calls from people suffering with muscular pain. Via our online assessments, we have still been able to help alleviate pain, maybe not as much as we would with an actual hands on treatment but definitely enough to leave our online clients happier and with less pain. Times are difficult enough without the additional problem of inexplicable muscular pain, so we have decided to offer FREE online consultations and assessments in an attempt to help reduce stress and pain at this already difficult time. Although we cannot treat you, we may be able to point you in the right direction and provide exercises, stretches or self massage techniques that might alleviate your pain at least until you can receive hands on treatment.

If you are suffering with any muscular pain, please book a VIRTUAL appointment via the ONLINE BOOKING tab, call or email. Don’t suffer in silence especially at this very difficult time.

Take care and stay well