NEW SERVICE !!! Running Gait Analysis

We are pleased to announce our new service  “Gait Analysis For Runners”

So who will this help?  It will help all runners. You might be an experienced  runner who is trying to improve your race times or perhaps you are constantly plagued with running related injuries such as shin splints, Achilles or general ankle issues, plantar fasciitis, runners knee, or more general knee, hip or back pain. Alternatively, you might be completely new to running and experiencing unfamiliar muscular issues or wanting a complete check over before embarking on your running journey. 

Whichever camp you fall into, this new service will help. 

How will it help and how does our assessment differ from the traditional treadmill gait analysis ? We will analyse your running gait using video technology. In the past, you may well have had your gait tested on a treadmill especially if you are in a running shop about to purchase new shoes. That test will probably have told you if you over pronate or over supinate which is important to know. But our assessment goes much further. Firstly we will have you run outside, because we want to see your true running style. When you run on a treadmill, the treadmill sweeps your foot back so you don’t need to engage your glutes. However using your glutes is essential especially if you are trying to improve your speed but also strong glutes help reduce injury risk. Our assessment will be able to determine how well your glutes are working in addition to assessing your running style.

We will also carry out an assessment of your feet, posture and generally physicality during the run and also in the treatment room. With both your gait and physical assessment we will then be able to determine if your running gait and or physicality is either causing you to be a less efficient and therefore slower runner OR is causing or likely to cause injuries. We will then, if required, provide you with a strengthening / rehab plan and also any other recommendations if appropriate. 

What do you need to do? Call us or book in online. Bring all of your running shoes so that we can see you run in them and also we can check the treads, as that will assist with our assessment. Also, if you routinely run with any other kit such as a water bottle or a waist bag please bring them along. If you want an assessment but you are unable to get into the treatment room, please call as we can also provide a remote service. 

If you think you may benefit from this, then do get in touch or book an appointment online. Alternatively do check our blog for more details about how your running style, can affect your risk of injury. 

We look forward to hearing from you