We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Physical Therapy sessions

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Physical Therapy sessions in conjunction with our Soft Tissue Therapy sessions, to help you achieve long term pain relief from your muscular aches and pains.

Often if you are suffering with a niggling muscular pain, that hasn’t been caused by an accident or injury, there will be a muscular imbalance somewhere else that is causing the issue. For example, if you are suffering with lower back pain and you have never had an injury or disc issues then it may be that weak glutes or maybe even your feet (yes, I know it sounds crazy but it is true) might be, at best, exacerbating the pain. Likewise if you are a runner with knee pain, or you are constantly sitting at a computer and suffer with tight neck, shoulders and headaches, the actual cause of the problem might be your core or again your glutes.

Deep tissue massage and soft tissue therapy will absolutely help relieve symptoms but often we will also recommend specific exercises to aid not only with pain relief but also minimise the risk of a repetition of the issue. So for example if you have shoulder pain and we determine that this is due to a weak rotator cuff, in addition to the soft tissue therapy, we will provide a programme of stabilisation and strength exercises. Likewise if your knees are causing issues we may well provide a glute activation and strengthening programme. 

Also remember, tight muscles do not always need stretching, often strengthening is what is required. Sometimes stretching a tight muscle can worsen the issue. For example, repeated stretching of painfully tight hamstrings may make matters worse and tight hamstrings can lead to tight calves and Achilles issues. It may be strengthening that will help. Similarly, you may constantly have a knot or tightness around your shoulder blade which isn’t responding to massage or stretches . Physical therapy to help strengthen and mobilise your upper back, might be a better option.  

We already do provide a rehab plan, when appropriate, with relevant exercises and videos, but so many of our clients requested additional time to run through the exercises prescribed that we decided to create this service . We also found that many of our clients, once their specific issue was fixed, still wanted us to create and go through a more general plan focused on simple but important exercises, stretches and mobility drills to help with core stability, improve shoulder health and generally reduce the likelihood of niggling muscular pains. Because of this we now see clients for Physical Therapy sessions.

Do get in touch if you think that you may benefit from a physical therapy sessions.

Don’t suffer in silence.