I was contacted by a lady on behalf of her elderly mother who suffers with spinal stenosis and was in constant chronic pain despite taking lots of pain medication. 

At the first appointment, the client was so unhappy and could barely move for her pain. Although the pain was mainly in her back, it had spread to her shoulders and neck and she was just fed up and unhappy. Her daughter and I literally had to hoist her onto the couch and the poor lady virtually grimaced thought most of my very gentle massage although by the end she has started to relax. After the massage I prescribed some really simple mobility drills for her to do daily and we agreed that I would see her the following week.

Today , her third session, she literally danced into the treatment room and bounced onto the couch, with a huge grin. She said that she has never felt better, she has reduced her medication and she is on top of the world. Not only has her pain reduced but her mobility has improved and along with that energy levels and her mood. 

Her whole life has changed. This is why I love my job!

Massage is not always a luxury, it is healthcare ….